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Off Grid and Free: My Path to the Wilderness available in Print, Ebook and Audio

The true life story of how this city boy came to live 100 miles deep in the Canadian wilderness; how I mastered homesteading and an off-grid self-sufficient lifestyle in Maine in preparation for the move to the bush. Join me for an eclectic blend of story telling ranging from my adventures of bicycling across the United States to my winter thru hike of the 2100+ mile long Appalachian Trail.

Experience the terror of being surrounded by wildfire and being touched by a bear. Discover what life is like working in a remote exploration camp. Enjoy first hand accounts of some of the most breathtaking wildlife encounters. Entertaining and enlightening, the narrative is at times amusing while at other times harrowing. Appealing to readers with an outdoors, adventurous spirit; people with an off-grid, self-sufficiency bent, as well as the “dreamers” content to read about adventure, I hope to inspire others to “take the road less traveled.” The book is supplemented with about 100 images which have been carefully selected to visually reinforce the text.

About the author: Living off grid since 1980, Ron and his wife Johanna have spent the better part of their lives “unplugged.” As part of the back to the land movement that originated in the 70’s, they have spent their adult years living the homestead dream. Published in Backhome magazine, Small Farmer’s Journal, and Countryside and Small Stock Journal, they also appear in Life Off Grid, a film and book about people living off grid throughout Canada.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 Which way do I go?
Chapter 2 Northbound to Maine
Chapter 3 Money does grow on trees
Chapter 4 Wandering for 165 days and nights
Chapter 5 Sure beats walking
Chapter 6 Who’s afraid of a little wilderness?
Chapter 7 Smells like chicken
Chapter 8 Searching for a diamond in the rough
Chapter 9 Sort of homesteading
Chapter 10 Do bush planes serve pretzels with the inflight movie?
Chapter 11 Cook stove delights
Chapter 12 Forest fires burn me up
Chapter 13 Dump run swim
Chapter 14 Slush makes for poor sledding
Chapter 15 Camp life
Chapter 16 Daily life and seasonal patterns
Chapter 17 Close encounters of the animal kind
Chapter 18 Is the wilderness for you?